covaxe® is an innovative internal combustion engine which will provide a quantum leap in efficiency and emissions.

Up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions

Even greater reduction in particulate and unburnt hydrocarbon emissions

Simple, modular, scalable engine architecture.

covaxe® is a novel internal combustion engine (ICE) concept which should enable fuel consumption reduction of up to 20%* and even greater reduction in particulate emissions

Based on an established axial/barrel engine architecture, where cylinders are aligned parallel to the drive shaft and each cylinder contains 2 opposed pistons which operate on a specially shaped cam at each end of the shaft via low friction rollers.
* Compared to 4-stroke automotive diesel engine

Located in the UK, covaxe® is supported by private investment and the UK Advanced Propulsion Centre. Led by an experienced engineering management team, we work with long-established experts in the design of two-stroke compression ignition engines, tribology, combustion simulation and specialist manufacturing.

We are currently in the technology demonstration phase, leading to Technology Readiness Level 4 and solid evidence to support our claims about reduced fuel consumption and emissions. We are always interested in talking to potential customers, development partners and investors, so please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the project.



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