Encouraging results from our collaboration with Southampton University!

As we move towards the first testing of our test rig in spring 2021, the results of our collaborative study with Southampton University have just been published. The paper, entitled  ‘A Numerical Study of a Compression Ignition Engine Operating with Constant Volume Combustion Phase: Effects of Constant Volume Phase on Combustion Performance and Emissions’, gives confidence that we are well on our way to achieving our objectives.

The study was carried out by PhD student Callum Ramsey under the supervision of Dr Kahanda Koralage Dinesh. It used computer fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of the engine and examined the effects of varying the constant-volume duration, the fuel injection start time, and the effects of exhaust gas re-circulation.(EGR).

It showed that significant reductions in nitrogen oxides as well as virtual elimination of soot emissions could be achieved whilst still attaining the considerable improvement in specific fuel consumption offered by constant volume combustion.

Testing of the rig is scheduled to start with evaluation of the sliding and rotating bearing losses. This will be followed in the autumn with load tests on a dynamometer test cell in the premises of our sister company Covaxe GmbH in Aachen, Germany.

Further studies at Southampton of a more detailed multi-cylinder model of the engine is planned for 2021 and direct validation will follow from the testing.


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